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 Rosario + Vampire Anime & Manga Thread

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PostSubject: Rosario + Vampire Anime & Manga Thread   Sun Aug 26, 2012 5:23 am

As the title says I will introduce you to the story of Rosario + Vampire as well as hear your thoughts about it if you are currently watching/reading the manga/anime.

Main Characters:

Aono Tsukune

Age: 16 (Season 2 - 17)
Species: Human (Later on Vampiric Ghoul)
Relatives: Aono Koji (Father), Aono Kasumi (Mother), Aono Kyoko (Cousin)
Personality: Though considerate and polite, Tsukune is a gentle person even though there have been many instances where he has been put into dangerous, life-threatening situations (many of which are due to enemies whom he later befriends), he has never held a grudge against anyone. Tsukune's selflessness and courage comes to the foreground, whenever he or someone from his group of friends is faced with the possibility of injury, or even death. Though powerless, he has the tendency of throwing himself into danger to ensure the safety of his friends. As the series progresses, this habit becomes extremely dangerous—the enemies he encounters are so powerful that he frequently comes close to dying. Eventually he becomes stronger and more recognized, as seen when he is elected class president (against his violent protests).

Akashiya Moka

Age: 16 (Season 2 - 17)
Species: Vampire
Notable relatives: Shuzen Issa (Father), Akasha Bloodriver (Mother), Shuzen Kokoa (Younger Half-sister), Shuzen Kalua (Older Half-sister), Shuzen Akua (Stepsister)
Personality: Exceptionally sweet and kind, Moka is a vampire, and takes a liking to Tsukune after ingesting his blood, becoming addicted in doing so. When the rosario around her neck is removed, the seal keeping her true nature is released. Cold, arrogant and a skilled martial artist, [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] is a completely different entity from the kind and loving "Outer" Moka, going so far as to specifically remind Tsukune to "be kind to the other Moka". Tsukune is the only one able to remove the rosario around Moka's neck. It was later revealed in the second serialization that Inner Moka is the real Moka, and the Outer Moka that mutually loves Tsukune is a fake personality. Revealed in an omake, she loves tomato juice, but prefers Tsukune's blood. Her given name is perhaps a pun on the word "mocha", as well as reflecting her split personalities, as mocha is a combination of coffee (representing Inner Moka) and cocoa (representing Outer Moka, as well as being the namesake of her half-sister). Also, in the manga and anime, Inner Moka's catchphrase is "know your place".

Kurono Kurumu

Age: 16 (Season 2 - 17)
Species: Succubus
Notable relatives: Kurono Ageha (mother)
Personality: She was initially a rival to Moka, being jealous of her popularity surpassing her own, and attempted to seduce Tsukune and the male student body to find her "Mate of Fate", as her kind is near the brink of extinction. After she was badly beaten during a fight with Inner Moka, Tsukune persuades Inner Moka to spare her, and as a result, Kurumu not only became friends with the pair, but also becomes infatuated with Tsukune, and makes a decision that he will be her "Mate of Fate". Throughout the series, it is clear that she possesses true and honest feelings for Tsukune, as she has been shown to be willing to risk her life for him numerous times. As mentioned by Kokoa in the second serialization, Kurumu is "pure of heart" compared to other succubi as she doesn't use her techniques to try to make Tsukune fall in love with her. However, she is a bit dense as she constantly forgets if she kisses Tsukune, he will become her slave. Kurumu has also shown to be a kind and soft-hearted girl who loves her rivals for Tsukune's love like sisters, tenderly comforting and supporting them in their moments of sadness as well as defending them when they are in danger.

Sendo Yukari

Age: 11 (Season 2 - 12)
Species: Witch
Notable relatives: Both her father and mother appear but their names are not mentioned.
Personality: As a witch, she has problems with her classmates discriminating against her (according to Kurumu, witches are viewed as "Beings of the Borderline", those that are something between humans and the supernatural, as it is impossible to tell their difference by appearance alone). Despite ranking #1 on the examinations, she was a lonely prankster before meeting Tsukune and Moka. She initially hated Tsukune, claiming that she has fallen in love with Moka, and uses her magical powers to try to drive them apart. However, after both Tsukune and Moka save her from bullying classmates, she falls for him too, and her obsession with both has driven her to try to create a three-way relationship between them. Despite her genius IQ, Yukari is very childish in nature, and is often indecisive on whether or not she either loves Tsukune or Moka more than the other. She often clashes with Kurumu, often teasing her about her large breasts, but they often team up on some occasions, such as the case in the Witch's Knoll arc, and are in reality friendly rivals. In the anime, she is the only girl of the group to actually kiss Tsukune.[center]

[center]Tojo Ruby

Age: 18/19
Species: Witch
Notable relatives: her parents dies in a car incident when she were very young
Personality: She resides at Yokai Academy as Mikogami's aide, and continues to work for him in the second manga serialization. Despite not being an official student, she receives permission to become a member of the Newspaper Club as its assistant advisor (though she prefers to take orders). Exclusively in the anime, a running gag involves her randomly switching positions to help the school. When asked why, she states "many many things" have happened, though it is believed these are orders from Mikogami as a debt of gratitude for providing her with a new magic wand. It is later revealed in an omake that the reason why Ruby works under Mikogami is because of her infatuation with Tsukune, and by working at the academy, she could be near him. Apparently, Ruby has shown that she is a masochist and the biggest pervert of them all during a training exercise for Tsukune to control his ghoul powers, even admitting to Tsukune a desire to be his "toy".

Shirayuki Mizore

Age: 16 (Season 2 - 17)
Species: Snowgirl (Ice Princess)
Notable relatives: Shirayuki Tsurara (mother)
Personality: Mizore returns to school after a delayed absence and was first portrayed as a lonely, somewhat depressed, and misunderstood girl. She becomes infatuated with Tsukune, going so far as to create her own journal/scrapbook with all of his newspaper articles. In the past, she confessed her love to a teacher until he began taking advantage of her, freezing him as a result. With the incident and rumors spreading about her, Mizore made it hard for herself to trust anyone, but took a liking to Tsukune, believing he was just as miserable as she was. She eventually regains her sense of trust after Tsukune intervenes when the same teacher returns to kill her. Unfortunately, this leads Mizore to stalk Tsukune on a daily basis (from around 340 spying locations, according to her). A running gag in the series is that Mizore always appears unexpectedly in the oddest locations (under tables, behind doors, the ceiling, bushes, and even in the bathroom), and freezes any girl to disrupt any sort of tender moment Tsukune is having with the latter.

Rosario + Vampire Plot:

Tsukune Aono is a normal high school teenager, who is unable to get into any private school due to his poor grades. However, with the help from his parents, he gets enrolled to a private school called Yokai Academy. When he arrives at the school, he soon discovers that Yokai Academy is a secret private school for supernatural monsters and mythological creatures disguised as humans, and any human who finds out about its existence will eventually be killed without mercy. Realizing this problem, Tsukune fears for his life, thinking that his admission into Yokai Academy is a mistake. His luck soon changes when he quickly becomes friends with a beautiful girl Moka Akashiya, who turns out to be a vampire, attracted to the sweet taste of his blood, sometimes biting Tsukune on the neck when the chance seems right. While at the beginning of the series, Moka was upset upon discovering Tsukune's human identity, as she realizes that he is the first real friend she had ever made in her life. Despite Moka's vampiric nature, she is a kind girl and Tsukune quickly falls for her, and ultimately decides to stay at Yokai Academy, despite the various dangers while hiding his human identity from the faculty and other students. Tsukune soon discovers that when he removes the rosario around Moka's neck, she transforms into her true vampire form (her true perspective and personality is sealed, the sweet Moka being a different version or an artificial person), being stronger and more powerful than almost any other creature at the school, and Tsukune is the only person who can physically remove it in order for her to transform into her true self. However, "Inner Moka" has an entirely different personality, often cold and merciless, and thus the rosary is only removed in dire emergencies.

As the school year continues, Tsukune becomes involved with other students who start out as enemies, but who are won over into becoming his friends.

Rosario + Vampire Manga Info:

Rosario + Vampire began serialization in the August 2004 issue of Monthly Shonen Jump, and ended on the September 2007 issue. The first tankōbon was released in Japan by Shueisha on October 4, 2004 and sold ten volumes until October 4, 2007 under its Jump Comics imprint, spanning 39 chapters during its initial run. An extra chapter was serialized in the September 2007 issue of Weekly Shonen Jump, and was bundled with the final volume of the manga. Rosario + Vampire: Season II, a continuation to the series, began serialization in the November 2007 issue of Jump Square, the successor to the now-defunct Monthly Shonen Jump. The first tankōbon was released by Shueisha on June 4, 2008, with a total of ten tankōbon released as of December 2, 2011 and is currently ongoing.

Rosario + Vampire Anime Info:

The anime adaptation consists of two 13 episode seasons. It quickly became notorious for its excessive use of fanservice in the form of panty shots, leading the series to be censored on certain channels during its TV broadcast and was also said to have angered fans of the original manga. A third season to the anime was never released till now and apparently it never will. The only thing left is the hope of the fans for a 3rd season, you never know they might do it. Additionally the anime does not follow the manga's plot strictly, at times it has absolutely no connection whatsoever.

Additional Notes:

In my opinion the manga's plot and character development is a lot better than the anime and I would recommend it as a must read. The story is fun with a lot of comical situations and you just breeze through the 35/50 pages in what it seems an instant. As I said earlier the anime is more fansurvice oriented but the fansurvice in the mange is little to none excluding some "plot device" scenes. The manga is monthly and currently Season II has 55 Chapters.
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PostSubject: Re: Rosario + Vampire Anime & Manga Thread   Sun Aug 26, 2012 8:31 am

Tsukne finally no longer useless

Mizori my favorite

Dislike how it's a monthly update :[
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Rosario + Vampire Anime & Manga Thread

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